At a recent Tradition 2 study at GVU, it was mentioned by a member that a meeting chair at GVU can call an on the spot group conscience to change THAT meetings format if there is a newcomer in the room and the chair feels it will best serve Tradition 5 to provide that newcomer a Step 1-3 meeting.

It was mentioned by another member that they didn’t think that was in our Policies & Procedures (P&Ps) to be able to do that.

Shortly after that meeting, some research in the P&Ps was done, and the following was found:

A meeting chair CAN call an on the spot group conscience to change the format of THAT meeting at any GVU meeting as long as it is not a literature meeting (Tues 6pm 12×12 or Thur 6pm BB).

It was reported to the group at the next week’s Tradition 3 meeting what was found out in our P&Ps.

If any member wishes to better understand the policies and procedures of our group, they can grab the Green Binder above the coffee pot to review them anytime they would like.  They are there for all members to read.