(From the A.A. pamphlet, “The A.A. Group”) Some groups have steering committees. At steering committee meetings, questions related to group practices, selecting a slate of candidates for office, and other group issues often are tackled first by the steering committee (or group service committee), which goes to the group for its members’ group conscience decision. In many cases, the officers and/or past officers make up the committee, which usually meets at regularly scheduled times. For a small group, a steering committee composed of three to five members has been found to work well. For larger groups, 12 or more members provide a better cross section of group experience and can share the workload more easily. In some groups, a rotating committee (with members rotated on and off periodically) serves the same purpose as a steering committee.

Steering Committee Job Descriptions:  GVU’s Steering Committee was created to do two (2) primary things:  Review all motions prior to them going to our Group Conscience to:

  1. Ensure they are well-crafted, and
  2. Ensure they do not break any of our 12 Traditions

GVU’s Steering Committee’s job is NOT to debate or discuss “content” of a motion, only to review all motions for Group Conscience for the two (2) things above.  Steering Committee members are also asked to assist with any of our group’s service positions when the elected representative cannot fulfill the responsibilities of their position.

Our Steering Committee does NOT govern – it SERVES!